SAP Integration Architect und Middleware Operations SME

SAP Integration Architect und Middleware Operations SME


ID 19785


Education and Qualification 

  • 1975 – 1979 Primary School in Duisburg, Germany
  • 1979 – 1985 Secondary Modern School in Duisburg, Germany
  • School Leaving Certificate: GCSEs equivalent
  • 1985 – 1988 Kolleg- und Fachschule fuer Technik/ Grammar School with Technical College in Duisburg, School Leaving Certificate : A Levels equivalent
  • 1988 – 1990  Study of Electrical Engineering (mainly software engineering and process controlling) in Duisburg, Germany
  • 1990 – 1992  Further Education at Siemens AG in Duisburg, Training for Datenverarbeitungskauffrau/Data Processing Clerk and Further education as Analyst Programmer (European Chamber of Commerce certificate) 

Work Experience

  • since July 2020 WebSphere and Open Source Consultant for European Patent Office
  • Websphere Portal consultancy
  • changes of scripting
  • setting up a Tomcat and Apache/IIS instance for a DRM application
  • Research re what Linux versions and Tomcat/Apache versions are possible
  • Reserach how the current application is being set up re Tomcat and Apache configuration
  • February until June 2020 DataPOwer and Websphere BPM for Stadt Zürich
  • Websphere BPM and DataPOwer Upgrade consultancy
  • DataPower Setup via scripts for new interfaces

since March 2018 Integration Consultant for Henkel, Dusseldorf. Germany

  • Architect, Integration Project Coordinator and Designer for SAP Integration projects
  • Integration Team Lead for a SAP PO/CPI and IIB implementation with Ariba Buyer/Network and SAP ERP and EDI integration (supply chain integration), Project coordination with external teams
  • SAP MES integration via IIB (SAP PP, MM and SD processes), IDOC and EDI integration
  • Ariba SLP Integration with CIG, setting up interfaces in CIG, create support processes, create functional and technical designs, set up Data Replication Framework on SAP MDG (supplier data only), test support, Integration project coordination, ongoing project support
  • Migration of SAP PO interfaces to CPI (JDBC, REST and SOAP) via Cloud Connector and SAP API Gateway
  • Architecture SAP C4C migration to SAP CPI
  • Lead Architect for a SAP and MES integration via IIB and ACE(Flat file and SOAP Integration)
  • SAP Netweaver (Java stack) with Apache reverse proxies
  • IIB 10, IBM ACE 11, SAP PO 7.5. SAP CPI/SCP/CIG, WSDL. Ariba Network, Ariba Buyer Integration, Ariba SLP, IDOC, RFC, JDBC adapters, SAP web services, SAP Proxy, REST adapters, SOAP interfaces, B2B adapter, SAP MDG/PP/SD, Java and Groovy
  • Design, development, creating mapping documents, configuration, IDOC and proxy setup on ECC, SLD configuration

July 2019 – November 2019 Freelance DataPower, API Connect Support and WAS for Panalpina

  • DataPower Support and Project Coordination for projects in test and production environments
  • Developer Support regarding security aspects, Oauth Implementation, and formats
  • Architecture and Design support for DataPower integrations (Backend Java, Backend MQ; Backend SAP via SAP PI/PO and CPI Design and Development support for CPI and SAP PI/PO)
  • API Connect Setup and Support
  • WAS and IIB daily test support
  • Redesign of the Test environment including security setup and Firewall changes
  • DataPower XI52 and XG45 (VM Version) API Connect Release 2018, OpenSSL, SOAP Ui, Oauth 2.0, XML, json, SOAP, SOAP attachments, XSLT

September 2017 – March 2018 Freelance DataPower Support for Royal Bank of Scotland

  • DataPower Support for projects in test environments
  • Developer Support regarding security aspects, Oauth Implementation, and formats
  • Architecture and Design support for DataPower integrations (Backend Java, Backend MQ; Backend SAP via SAP PI/PO and CPI Design and Development support for CPI and SAP PI/PO)
  • API Connect Proof of Concept
  • Tomcat and Apache test support
  • Deployment into production and Project coordination with development
  • DataPower XI52 and XG45, OpenSSL, SOAP Ui, Oauth 2.0, XML, json, SOAP, SOAP attachments, Groovy, Apache, Tomcat

July – September 2017 Freelance J2EE Application Server and Middleware Migration Expert for Deutsche Post IT Solutions, Bonn, Germany

  • Migration of an application from Oracle Weblogic 10/SOA Suite to Jboss EAP 7
  • Analysis of current infrastructure
  • Setup of Jboss Infrastructure
  • Tomcat test Support and knowledge transfer
  • Documentation of Jboss Infrastructure and Operations Handbook
  • Setting up Deployment scripts, Package setup, creating RPMs
  • Deployment of Jboss EARs, MQ and DataBase configuration in JBoss

November 2016 – June 2017 Freelance Middleware support at HSBC (Digital Project), London

  • DataPower XG45 Test and Production Supporter working with and coordinating third-party teams
  • Technical coordination OS upgrade of DataPower Vms with third-party supplier
  • DataPower deployment, scripting and production setup
  • Project Planing production rollout
  • IHS and WAS production setup and support
  • Incident management for DP, Jboss, IHS and WAS in PCF(Cloud) aand AWS-based environments
  • Setting up Monitoring for DataPower via ITCAM
  • Setting up support documentation and procedures
  • Websphere Application Server 8 and 9 on RedHatLinux and PCF/AWS, IHS 8 and 9, Jboss EAP 7

April 2016 -October 2016 Freelance Middleware Support Analyst at John Lewis Partnership

  • Third Level Support and Incident management (shift and out-of-hours)
  • DataPower XI52 Upgrade and Coordination of Changes together with third-party teams
  • DataPower deployment and production support for SOAP interfaces in cloud-based environments (AWS and Apogee)
  • WebSphere Application Server 6.1 and 8.5 on z/VM, Linux and AIX, IHS 6.1 and 8.1 on Linux, Apache, DataPower XI52 (on VM), Websphere MQ (8.0), Tomcat, AEM/CQSE Third Level Support, Introscope Support, Oracle SOA Suite/BPEL/Weblogic 3rd level support
  • IHS and Apache changes according to security review . Change Coordination, Implementation, coordinating changes from third party network teams
  • WAS, AEM and MQ upgrades and scripting, SSL configuration MQ and HTTP server
  • Weblogic Monitoring via Solarwinds Weblogic and Oracle SOA Suite 10c and 12c Scripting and setting up requirements for development teams for WLS infrastructures

January – March 2016 IIB and MQ Architect Project in Swindon for Nationwide

  • Installation, Upgrades and Configuration (including SSL and certificates) for IIB 9/10, WebSphere MQ 8 and IHS on AIX and Linux
  • Setting up deployment and security standards
  • Configuration and design review of work done from third-party teams
  • DR test plans and deployment instructions for IIB, WebSphere MQ and DataPower provided to third-party teams
  • Websphere BPM consultancy and support
  • Integration Design for IIB and SAP via SAP PO/CPI (Design and Development Support)
  • Monitoring concept ITCAM for MQ, DataPower, IIB

January – December 2015 Middleware Support Project for NewEdge/Societe Generale in London

  • Upgrades and Security Changes on several different application server platforms (WebSphere Application Server 6.1, 7.0, 8.0, Websphere Portal Server 8.x, WebSphere Process Server / BPM Advanced 8, Weblogic 12c/Oracle BPEL, WebSphere MQ 7.x, Tomcat 6.x and 7.x and Apache 2.x), AEM/CQSE
  • Setting up standards and standard builds, creating RPMS
  • Weblogic and WebSphere installation and Configuration via Puppet
  • Coordination with business and technical owner, coordinating changes with third-parties
  • Third-level Support for WebSphere, Weblogic/Oracle BPEL, SpringTC, Gemfire, WebSphere MQ, Message Broker, Tomcat and UC4, Incident Management for Middleware products
  • Deployment and configuration changes for WebSphere, Weblogic, Tomcat, UC4 and SpringTC
  • AppDynamics configuration and adapter installation
  • Pega 6 and 7 Installation and configuration and production support

December 2014/January 2015 Freelance Architect for IBM

  • DataPower Consultancy for LBG, Setting up Best practices for Configuration, Deployment and Automation

April 2014 – April 2015 IBM project for Allianz – Websphere Third Level SME

  • Working as WebSphere Application and Portal Server SME/third level support using service, incident and change management tools according to ITIL procedures,
  • Setting up Nodes, cells, server instances and MQ clients, JDBC and SSL configurations, Portal to SAP Integration setup
  • coordinating upgrades with second level support, setting up instructions for third party teams, review of work done from third party teams
  • creating and updating scripts for RPMs, automatic Portal upgrades and installations and Tivoli monitoring, setting up monitoring requitements
  • coordinating deployments and coordination of tasks for the second-level team
  • Third-level support for WAS and WPS-related issues
  • Third level support for Apache and Jboss
  • Third level support for Jboss migrations from Websphere
  • coordinating handover of WebSphere outsourcing for DE, NL and UK systems running on WebSphere from AMOS to IBM
  • Support fot Pega 7 and AEM 6 installation and configuration
  • WebSphere Application Server 6.1, 7.x, and 8.x on RHEL Linux and WebSphere Portal Server 6.x and 8.x on RHEL Linux with Oracle 11g Database and WebSphere MQ 7.x, WebSphere Content Management 8.x, Tivoli ITM, Apache web server, Tomcat, Jboss EAP

March 2014 Freelance Architect for IBM

  • Setting up a high-level and low-level concept for an Integration project with the use of IIB (WebSphere Message Broker), DataPower/API Connect and WSRR plus SAP integration via WMB and SAP PO (POC with architecture, design and development role)
  • DataPower 100 % design role
  • Connect:Direct and Connect:Direct Secure Proxy workshop for a client in Amsterdam

May 2013 – Feb 2014 IT-Architect at X-Integrate GmbH, Cologne,

diverse projects for X-Integrate

  • Setting up a IBM integration Bus 9 (successor of Message Broker) Proof of Concept on client site including Installation, Development and Configuration, Setting up Performance Tests

Tools and Technologies:

  • IBM Integration Bus 9 with WebSphere MQ 7.5 on Windows 2008 with SAP/SAP PO and HTTP Adapter

For Hansecom/Hamburger Hochbahn via X-Integrate

  • Infrastructural Design and Architecture Documentation for Monitoring and Security Management
  • Setting up Deployment Automation Framework
  • General Architecture Consultancy
  • Support for Process Server Issues like for instance Performance Tuning,

Process Design Documentation und System Analysis for Process Changes

  • Portal SAP integration via SAP PO and Portal Architecture consultancy
  • Support Production and Staging Environment (WPS 5.1 . WAS 5.1, MQ 6.x, , Active Directory FTP Server, UC4) with standard Incident Management processes
  • Setting up Monitoring Framework via AppDynamics for WAS and Application Monitoring

Tools and Technologies:

  • Ant, Maven, Confluence, SVN, SFTP Server, GIT, Wiki, JIRA, AppDynamics, IIS as web server
  • WebSphere Application Server ND 7.0 and Process Server/ESB 7.1 and BPM Advanced 8 on Windows 2008
  • WebSphere Portal Server 6.1 and 8.0 on Windows 2008

For other clients

  • Sterling Connect:Direct, Sterling File Agent and Secure+ Installation and Configuration on Red Hat Linux including Secure FTP Transfers
  • SAP / EDI Integration consulting
  • API Connect PoC

February 2012 – May 2013 Freelance IT-Architect at ADP GmbH in Bremen, Germany

  • Infrastructural Design and Architecture Documentation
  • Setting up Deployment Automation Framework and PoC for Tomcat applications with Bladelogic
  • General Architecture Consultancy regarding Architecture Standards and Governance
  • WebSphere Consultancy (Migration from WAS ND 5.1 to WAS ND 8)
  • Project Leader for Performance Analysis of WPS 5.1 problems und Support and Configuration Test Environment
  • Incident and Change management and Production Environment Support
  • Project Leader of a Project for a Migration of a WAS/WPS5.1 plus MQ 6 to WAS/WPS 8 and MQ 8, migration support to Tomcat and Jboss
  • Monitoring with AppDynamics (poC)
  • Installation IBM Edge Server 9.0, IBM HTTP Server 8.0. WAS 8.5, WPS 8.5
  • Configuration Oracle LDAp Server 11

Tools and Technologies:

  • Bladelogic, Ant, Maven, Confluence, SVN
  • WebSphere Application Server ND 8.0 and Portal Server 8.0, Tomcat, WebSphere Process Server/ESB7/BPM Advanced 8.0
  • Websphere MQ 6.x
  • Tomcat and Jboss EAP
  • WebSphere Application Server ND 5.1 and Portal Server 5.1, Business Server Foundation 5.1
  • Sun one LDAp server 5.1, Oracle LDAP Server 11g

June 2011 – June 2012 Freelance WebSphere Architect for BWI Systeme GmbH in Bonn via Sprit/21

  • Upgrades and Installation of WebSphere Application server ND 6.1 and WebSphere MQ 6.x on AIX and Windows including Documentation (inclduing FTE Edition)
  • Configuration of WebSphere Application Server ND and IBM HTTP Server
  • Configuration (queue, security, clustering) for WebSphere MQ
  • Monitoring Design, ITCAM Monitoring Concept, ITCAM, TFIM and TAM configuration
  • Setting up security audit checks via Jython Scripts
  • SSO/Kerberos configuration for WebSphere Application server ND
  • Performance review and recommendations for WAS, JDK and MQ
  • Optimizing Configuration Management and Deployments

Tools and Technologies:

  • WebSphere Application Server ND 6.1 on Linux, AIX and Windows, WebSphere Portal 6.1 and 7.1 on AIX/Suse Linux, IBM HTTP Server 6.x on AIX/Windows and IIS on Windows
  • WebSphere MQ 6.x on AIX and Windows, WebSphere MQ FTE Edition
  • Tivoli ITCAM for Transactions, ITCAM for Application Diagnostics (J2EE and Web Server Agents), TFIM, Tivoli Access Manager
  • DB2, Jython, Shell Scripts, Ant, SVN, Bladelogic

December 2010 – May 2011 SOA Architect for Landesbank Berlin in Berlin via Hays and Coinor

  • Configuration and Deployment of ESB infrastructure
  • Setting up monitoring for ESB infrastructure
  • WSDL and Service Design
  • Performance Analysis and Tuning JBoss, Solaris, ESB Infrastructure, Sizing Recommendations
  • Optimizing and Setting Up Deployment and Build scripts for J2EE applications and setting up build and configuration management for Batch Jobs (Sterling Connect Direct, SFTP/UC4)

Tools and Technologies:

  • Talend DI/ ESB 3.x
  • JBoss 5.1 and 6 , Spring, Hibernate, Jboss Seam, RedHat Enterprise Application Platform (EAP)
  • Solaris
  • Oracle DB 11g
  • Jmeter, Hyperic, Ant, Maven, SVN, JIRA, Scrum methodology
  • Sterling Connect Direct, SFTP Server

From Oktober 2010 – December 2010

Administrator, Trainer and Coach for WebSphere Message Broker and MQ Support Team at T-Systems Enterprise Services, Darmstadt, Germany, end client Deutsche Telekom

  • Installation new interfaces (Message Broker, MQ and DataPower artifacts, SAP Adapter)
  • MQ and Broker Upgrades in test environments
  • Coaching for trainees regarding MQ and Message Broker basics and how to support in the team

Tools and Technologies:

  • WebSphere Message Broker 6.x, 7.x with SAP adapter, WebSphere DataPower XI50
  • IDOC set up and SAP XI/PI integration
  • WebSphere MQ 6.x and 7.x including WebSphere MQ FTE Edition
  • DB2 9.x, AIX, Web Services Standards (WSDL, WS-Policy, WS-Basic Profile, UDDI)

1st July 2010 until December 2010

Freelance J2EE and Integration Platform Infrastructure Architect at T-Systems Enterprise Services GmbH, Middleware Team in Bonn for T-Mobile Germany and International

  • Installation and Configuration of JBoss, Tomcat, Oracle Weblogic and Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g on Red Hat Linux and Solaris
  • Architecture Support für JBoss (4.0.x), Tomcat, Weblogic(10, 8.1.x, 9.2.1) und WebSphere (4.x, 5.x) platform and applications
  • DataPower Development-, Test- and Production Support, Introduction Monitoring for DataPower
  • DataPower 50 % devlopment, 50 % design
  • Performance Tuning Oracle Weblogic and JBoss, Sizing Recommendations
  • Configuration Management for middleware products, Incident and change management

Tools and Technologies: :

  • IBM DataPower XS40
  • BEA WebLogic 10 und 9.2.1, JBoss 4.0.x and 6.x, Jboss BPM/Seam, RedHat Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) . Apache 2.x, Tomcat 5/6
  • Oracle SOA Suite 10g and 11g, Oracle BPEL 11lg, Oracle DB 11g
  • JDK 6.0, J2EE 3.0
  • Shell Scripts, HP Quality Center, Red Hat Linux 4.3, Solaris 10
  • XML, XSLT, Bash Scripts

December 2009 until June 2010 Freelance WebSphere Message Broker Administrator and Infrastructure Architect

Customer : T-Systems for T-Home/Deutsche Telekom Germany Fixed network

  • Implementation of new test environment (WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere MQ und DataPower), Sizing MQ Infrastructure and DataPower Infrastructure
  • Analysis and Test Support, Business Acceptance Test Support
  • Incident and Change management Analysis of production problems, Business Test Support for GoLive
  • Installation new interfaces (Message Broker, MQ and DataPower artifacts, SAP Adapter)
  • Installation Coordination with interface partners
  • Review of interfaces and packing done from third parties
  • WSRR and WAS ND Operating consultancy (Performance tuning, configuration)
  • 30 % development, 70 % operations

Tools and Technologies:

  • WebSphere Message Broker 6.x (AIX Platform), 7.x with SAP Adapter, SAP PO
  • WebSphere DataPower XI50
  • WebSphere MQ 6.x (AIX, Solaris, Linux and z/OS), and 7.1, MQ FTE Edition
  • WSRR 6.3 on WebSphere Application Server ND‘, WebSphere Process Server 6.1
  • Web Services Standards (WSDL, WS-Policy, WS-Basic Profile, UDDI) ‚, DB2, AIX

Oktober 2009 until Dezember 2009 Freelance ESB/SOA Architect IBM / Daimler AG

  • Concept Introduction of IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository
  • Consulting integration of applications with WSRR (WMB, WPS, WAS ND)
  • Service Lifecyle und Service Metadata Definition
  • WebSphere Message Broker 6.0 WebSphere Service Registry and Repository 6.3 on Websphere Application Server ND, Web Services Standards (WSDL, WS-Policy, WS-Basic Profile, UDDI)

January 2009 until November 2009 Contractor for IQNet AG for T-Systems / Deutsche Telekom AG Deutschland

Integration Architect for a Wholesale Telecoms Project

  • Service Design and Interface Design including SAP BAPI/RFC/IDOC interfaces
  • WSDL Design and Message Broker Flow and DataPower Designs and Process Server Flows
  • Documentation, Test and GoingLive Support, Development Support and PoC implementations
  • MQ Consulting
  • DataPower 50 % development, 50 % design

Tools and Technologies: :

  • WebSphere Message Broker 6.1 , WebSphere Process Server 6.1
  • WebSphere MQ 6.1, IBM DataPower
  • Web Service Standards (WS-Security, WS-Addressing etc.)
  • WebSphere SAP Adapters and SAP PI/Netweaver

November 2008 – Januar 2009 Contract WebSphere Administrator/Architect

Customer : NRW Bank

  • Installation and Configuration WebSphere Application Server ND 6.1.x on Windows and Suse Linux, Deployment J2EE Application and Configuration Security (Web Seal)

August 2008 until December 2008

Contractor Enterprise Architect for Ciber Novasoft for Ford Company, Cologne, Germany

Main tasks :

  • Architectural Consulting and Reviews
  • Writing Systems design and Test Concepts, Establishing Development Build and Configuration Processes
  • Creating Baseline Load Tests and Profiling
  • SAP PI/Netweaver Integration Consultancy

Tools and Technologies: :

  • WebSphere Application Server ND 6.1, JDK 1.5 and 1.4, WebSphere MQ 6.1 on Solaris 10
  • Web Service Standards, JSF, Hibernate, Rational Software Architect,
  • JMeter, Jprofiler
  • SAP Netweaver/PI, EDI and B2B integratiion

1st Jan 2008 – 15st August 2008 Contractor for Syrocon Consulting for Deutsche Telekom AG Deutschland Fixed network, Darmstadt, Germany

  • Creation Criteria Catalogue and Test Cases for a feasibility study for Service Registry and Repository
  • Review Service Design Guidelines and Contributing WSDL and Process Design Guidelines
  • Administration of Web Sphere Application Servers, Service Registry/Repository and Message Broker Instances
  • Development of custom UDDI Node and Proof of Concept flow in Message Broker
  • Policy Enforcement Study and Concept

Tools and Technologies: :

  • WebSphere Application Server ND 6.1, JDK 1.5 and 1.4 on Solairs 10
  • WebSphere MQ 6.1, WebSphere Message Broker 6.1, WebSphere Process Server 6.1, SAP Netviewer, WebSphere Datastage TX, SAP PI/Netweaver
  • Web Service Standards, Axis2 1.3, Eclipse
  • HP Systinet, IBM WSRR,

Since 17th September until February 2008 Contractor for Fourth Project Consulting for Volkswagen AG

  • Setting up and Suppprt Proof of Concept Environment (Installation and Configuration of J2EE Servlet Engines and Application servers, WebSphere MQ integration and Concept of Environment), Documentation Evaluation Criteria for Proof of Concept, SAP Netweaver Consultancy
  • Documentation ESB, Process Design and SOA Development Standards for Service Designers and Java/J2EE Programmers

Tools and Technologies:

  • Tomcat 5.5 and 6.x, WebSphere Application Server ND 6.0.2.x, JDK 1,5 and 1.4
  • WebSphere MQ 6.0.2, WebSphere Message Broker 6.0.2, WebSphere Process Server 5 and 6, Web Service Standards, Axis2 1.3, Eclipse, SAP Netweaver/PI, all on Red hat Linux
  • IBM RAD, Fuse, Service Mix, Spring

Since 19th June 2007 until 20th December 2007

Contractor for T-Systems Enterprise GmbH, Bonn, Germany, end client T-Mobile Germany

  • Concept Standardized Environment, Overall Design and Concept, Planning and Coordination, Setting up Standards regarding Application Server Version
  • Sizing of new Environment, Installation of new Environments and Upgrades older Environments
  • RPM Builds for Weblogic, Tomcat and JBoss Installations
  • Performance Test of new Environment
  • Third-Level and Second-Level Support of Application Server Environments
  • Tuning, Reconfiguration, Performance and Design Review of Application Server Environments. Overall Consulting

Tools and Technologies:

  • BEA Weblogic 8.1.x, BEA Weblogic 9.2.1, Oracle BPEL Emgine, Tomcat
  • Red Hat Linux,
  • Shell scripts, Python, Oracle 10 DB, Puppet, Ant, SVN

From March 2007 until June 2007 Contractor for GFT AG, Stuttgart and Bonn, Germany

  • Coordination Build and Configuration Management
  • Build and Packaging Maintenance, Installation of Test Environments
  • Build Packages for the IT Outsourcer and Installation of Packages, Support for IT Outsourcer

Tools and Technologies: :

  • Java 1.4 and 1.5, J2EE 2.0, WebLogic 9.1 on Red hat Linux ,
  • Oracle 10i.Ant, Maven, Shell Scripts, Python, Testrunner, Winrunner

November 2004 – 15th March 2007 IT Architect Deutsche Post World Net / DHL

SOP (Service-Orientated Platform) Solutions (now SOPERA GmbH/Talend, Bonn)

  • Pre-Sales and Architectural Consulting
  • Architecture and Design Reviews (internal for the third-party product development team and external for projects using the SOP products)
  • Technical Team leader for Project Implementation (Tomcat, ServiceBackBone, Hibernate, Spring, Oracle, WebSphere MQ) including SAP integration with DataStateTX and SAP Netweaver (EDI and B2B setup)
  • Second-Level and Third-Level Support for the SOP product and for WebSphere MQ, WebSphere Application Server and BEA Weblogic implementations
  • Product Training for Developers and Admins, Training Documentation
  • Responsible for Product Development and Support for JCA Adapter (Oracle Application Server and JBoss) – Scrum methodology
  • Code and Build review from code of external suppliers
  • Responsible for automated build and installation of infrastructure (MQ, Weblogic, Oracle Application servers, Tomcat, LDAP Servers, UDDI Servers)and test drivers
  • Setting up of automated performance and functional tests, analyzing performance tests
  • Configuration Management for infrastructure builds

Tools and Technologies: :

  • Java 1.3, Java 1.4 and 1.5, J2EE 2.0,
  • WebSphere MQ 5.3 and 6.0,
  • Sopera DI
  • Tomcat, Weblogic 8.1, WebSphere Application Server ND 5.1 and 6.x, OAS Oracle Application Server 10.1.3,, JBoss 4.x, on, SOAP. Web Service Standards (WSDL, WS-Policy; WS-Security, WS-Basic Profile), XML, Web services, Oracle BPEL Engine
  • Oracle, Hibernate, Spring, Datastage TX/WebSphere Transformation Extender, SAP PI/Netweaver
  • Winrunner, Testrunner. .Net 2.0, Sun LDAP server
  • Ant, Maven, Ruby, Python, Puppet, Scrum Methodology

August 2002 – November 2004 IT Architect (permanent)

SAP System Integration AG, Berlin, Germany (SPM Technologies GmbH until 31st March 2004, SPM Technologies has been acquired on April 1st 2004 by SAP SI AG, later SAP Consulting Deutschland KG)

  • General Pre-Sales Consulting in order to acquire projects
  • Project for AMD, Dresden: High-Level integration design, PoC, WBI and Java development and integration testing, IDOC configuration and concept for an integration of manufacturing execution systems to SAP PM via WebSphere Business Integrator Message Broker 5.0.1 on AIX (CORBA, MQ 5.3, WSDL, XML, Java. JMS, IDOC/ALE, JBOSS 3.5.1, Axis), MQ and WBI Infrastructure design, SAP XI/PI proof of concept
  • Project for FinanzIT, Hannover : High-Level design and integration blueprint for an integration of legacy Financial Systems with SAP FI/CO via SAP Netweaver XI 2.0 and IBM WebSphere Business Integrator
  • Project for Finanz IT, Hannover : Z/OS Operating Centre Review for a banking solution provider according to ITIL
  • Project for Siemens AG, Kordoba : Design and Performance review for a legacy banking package based on BS2000 and Cobol
  • Project for Deutsche Telekom : Architecture Documentation Review, Enterprise Architecture, Business and technical Architecture Alignment Review, Process Documentation Review (Processes made in Aris)
  • Project for Atos Origin : Architecture and Performance Review for a credit card authorisation package based on WebLogic, Tuxedo, C++ and Java
  • Project for Deutsche Telekom : Working as IBM Mainframe Team Leader and Architect (5 people)for a server consolidation, cost optimization and performance review project
  • Tools : BMC InTune, Candle, Strobe, Tivoli, Cobol, DB2, MQ Series, IMS, MVS
  • Project for Finanz IT : EAI Architect, Mainframe Consultant and IT Architecture Consultant for a project of a big IT services organisation for regional banks. Enterprise Architecture Consultancy (introduction of Architecture Management process and tools), MQ and MQSI Consultancy, WebSphere for z/OS Integration Consultant
  • Tools : System Architect, BEA WebLogic 5.1 for Solaris, BEA WebLogic Enterprise for Solaris, Tuxedo 8.1 for Solaris, IMS, Websphere MQ Business Integrator, WebSphere MQ on z/OS 5.2 and 5.3, IBM LDAP Server on z/OS/TAM, SOAP, Web Services, TFIM, Sterling Connect:Direct

November 2001 – June 2002 Integration Architect (first contractor and after 3 months permanent) EDS, Department of Work and Pensions project in Blackpool

  • EAI Technical Architect in a central architecture and integration team and team lead (team less than 10 people), working on the high-level design for the integration of legacy systems, CTI-systems, Workflow systems, Java front-ends and z/OS CICS and Batch systems. Definitions of interfaces for eGate and batch jobs with Sterling Connect:Direct, high-level design of integration layer including eGate, MQ series architecture design for z/OS, NT and AIX., Performance Design
  • Performance Tuning for MQ Series on z/OS and CICS Systems on z/OS on Parallel Sysplex, Performance Analysis GDPS, Performance Tuning Weblogic
  • Proof of concept for WebSphere Application Server on z/OS
  • Tools used are SeeBeyond (formerly STC) eGate, Tuxedo, MQ Series for z/OS 5.1 and Solaris, Java 1.3, Tivoli, EJB 1.1, WebLogic 6.1, LDAP, Cobol, CICS and DB2 7.1, z/OS 1.3 , XML Schemas, Tivoli Access Manager, Sterling Connect:Direct

August 2000 – October 2001 Solutions Architect

Netdecisions Ltd, London and partly San Francisco (latter from September 2000 – June 2001)

  • Technical Architect and Integration Team Lead (10 people) for a supply chain B2B portal implementation for APL Logistics, project based in San Francisco
  • Responsible for the message integration and EJB 1.1 design, use of UML, Rational Rose, TogetherJ, Integration consulting, coordination with data suppliers, interface design (EDI, EDIFACT format and XML)
  • Use of Solaris, MQ Series, EJB 1.1, WebLogic 5.1 and WLP 5.1, Java, JMS, LDAP. XML, WebMethods B2B, Cobol, CICS, on z/OS, Sterling Connect Direct
  • Solutions Architect and lead designer for an integration project for Marconi using WebMethods EAI Server on Solaris and Java, Integration of several ERP systems including Oracle Application and SAP R/3, interface design EDI and SAP IDOC formats
  • Solutions Architect for a B2B pharmaceutical portal using MQ Series, XML, XSLT, Apache, Java, Tomcat, DB2, Java, JMS on Linux, AIX, Citrix, CORBA
  • Solutions Architect for an EAI project for a telecoms appliance company(Marconi), EAI Architecture and EAI tools Evaluation, use of Java, JMS, XML, CORBA, Oracle, OAI, WebMethods, MQSI v2.0 (including Business Integrator) and TIBCO 

May 1996 – August 2000 Systems Designer/Developer, later Architect

Norwich Union/CGNU(now part of Aviva) General Insurance Business Systems Norwich, England‘ Initially as contractor, from August 1996 on full-time staff

  • Working in Motor Underwriting Team as senior designer and developer : Analysis, Maintenance, Development, Support for administration system and EDI interfaces in Cobol, CICS, DB2, IMS
  • Working in Intermediary Management development team (three-tier client/server system) as senior designer and developer (Analysis, design, support
  • Rollout planning for replacement of 250 PCs incl. laptops (CBAs, co-ordination etc.)
  • Developing in Easel, C, Java, MQSeries- APIs, Rexx under OS/2 and NT, also CICS, Cobol, DB2 under MVS
  • Working in the policy administration development team as technical team lead (less than 10 people) and lead designer

    • Programming in OS/2 PM, C/C++ under OS/2, CICS, DB2, Cobol under MVS
  • Technical design, analysis, infrastructure planning, support, training support, interface design (EDI formats)
  • Working for the Internet development team
  • Programming in CICS, MQSeries, DB2, Cobol, DB2, VB, JavaScript, HTML, XML, COM, using MTS and IIS,
  • Technical analysis, co-ordination and planning, technical architecture, UML design
  • MQSeries and MQSI design on z/OS and planning for several systems
  • Work in Methods, Design and Tools Team as : Technical Design Authority
  • Distributed tool-set maintenance and analysis, Tools evaluation, guidance in systems design and use of design standards like UML and Catalysis, use of UML tools like Rational Rose and Popkin Software Architect
  • Implementing Enterprise Architecture Framework similar to Zachman
  • Next200 architecture project : analysis, Technical architecture, design of new technical development and test environment, documentation design
  • Design for installation of system management software like Tivoli, release management software and security software, Migration to newer versions for instance migration to z/OS, Proof of Concept Parallel Sysplex, Proof of Concept Java/Websphere Application Server on z/OS
  • Consultant for a portal including use of MQSeries, MQSI, WebMethods EAI Server, Crossworlds, z/Os, LDAP and Broadvision

March 1994 – April 1996 Analyst Programmer EDM Consultancy all over Germany

  • Analysis, Development and Consultancy for a production control system, and personnel information system from Bayer AG using Cobol, DB2, DL1, IMS, CICS for IBM Mainframe, using Cobol Workbench and also EDI as data format (using EDI-mapper Mercator for SAP R/2 and SAP R/3 Interfaces)
  • Supervising staff from outsourcing companies in Russia and India, also QA.
  • Consultancy for development and roll-out for a Sewage charging system (IMS, DL1, Cobol, with screen scraping front-end using C)
  • Systems Analysis and design using OOD/OOA methods for several systems for retail and publishing companies using Artificial Intelligence, Internet, C++, Java and HTML (customer Neurotec/Karstadt/Springer Verlag)
  • Develop web and CD ROM catalogue with Java, Powerbuilder, Oracle, DB2, OODBMS, CORBA, MQSeries,

1992 – 1994 Analyst Programmer UPS Neuss Germany (and Antwerp/Masstricht Belgium)

  • System analysis and programming in Cobol, Assembler, RPG using Mainframe (CICS, DB2, TSO, JCL and VSAM), in Microfocus Cobol, Clipper, Visual Age for C/C++, MQSeries under DOS, Windows and OS/2
  • Integration of scanning software, developing, design and maintenance of stock keeping, freight control and accounting Systems using EDI as file standard and Mercator as mapping tool.
  • Coordinating Roll-out of a delivery information system (client/server and call centre application) in Belgium and Germany and applied software changes for the European Market for this software

Additional skills 

  • Certificates : IBM Solution Developer, MCSD, SAP Technical Solutions Architect and Sun-certified J2EE Enterprise Architect, ITIL V2, Prince 2
  • IBM Certificates:
  • IBM Certified Solution Implementer – WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances Firmware V5.0 (August 2013)
  • IBM Certified Solution Implementer API Connect (August 2013)
  • IBM Certified Administrator – Sterling Connect:Direct (October 2013)
  • IBM Certified Solution Advisor – Cloud Computing Architecture V3 (October 2013)
  • IBM Certified System Administrator – WebSphere Message Broker V7.0 (2012)
  • IBM Certified Solution Designer – WebSphere MQ V7.0 (2012)
  • IBM Certified System Administrator – WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V7.0 (2012)
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